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Fast Charging Braided Nylon Cable for iPhone 20 cm Length

Fast Charging Braided Nylon Cable for iPhone 20 cm Length

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  • High-performance iPhone Charging Cable
  • Durable and Strong with Nylon Braided Exterior
  • 0.2 meters long for Portability and Tangle-Free Use
  • Fast Charging Capabilities for Quick Power-ups
  • Data Transfer Functionality for Swift File Syncing
  • Versatile - Can be used with Laptop or in Car
  • Seamless Charging and Data Transfer
  • Perfect for Individuals seeking Fast and Reliable Charging for their Apple Devices.


Engineered with precision and durability in mind, this Charging Cable is meticulously designed to deliver fast and efficient charging for your Apple devices.

The cable's nylon braided exterior ensures superior strength and long-lasting performance, making it resistant to wear and tear even with daily use. Measuring at a convenient 0.2 meters long, it's the perfect length for those on the go, offering tangle-free portability and hassle-free storage.

Whether you're charging your iPhone from your laptop or charging it in your car, this versatile cable has got you covered!

But it doesn't stop at charging alone! Our cable boasts data transfer capabilities, allowing you to sync and transfer your files swiftly between devices. Experience seamless connectivity and stay ahead of your busy schedule.

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